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How to Install AntiVirus Clamav in RHEL 7 for Web Server


You must mounting your local repo and install epel repo


For RHEL 6

# yum install -y epel-release
# yum install -y clamav
Install Clamav
Install Clamav

For RHEL 7

# yum install -y epel-release
# yum -y install clamav-server clamav-data clamav-update clamav-filesystem clamav clamav-scanner-systemd clamav-devel clamav-lib clamav-server-systemd


Backup and config this clamav and configure it

# cp /etc/clamd.d/scan.conf /etc/clamd.d/scan.conf.bak 
# sed -i '/^Example/d' /etc/clamd.d/scan.conf

and uncomment this script at LocalSocket

# vi /etc/clamd.d/scan.conf
LocalSocket /var/run/clamd.scan/clamd.sock 

For this Anti Virus is up to date you must run command freshclam but config before you run it

# cp /etc/freshclam.conf /etc/freshclam.conf.bak
# sed -i -e "s/^Example/#Example/" /etc/freshclam.conf
# freshcalm
update freshcalm
update freshcalm

And setup this service to start and autostart on booting

# systemctl start clamd@scan
# systemctl enable clamd@scan


try to scan some directory to make sure this service is worked

# clamscan -r --remove /home/kitsake
try scan with clamav
try scan with clamav

Maybe that's all I can share with you guys, hopefully this article will be useful.

Thank You

Bangkit Ade Saputra
Bangkit Ade Saputra At the end of the day, my job involves people. we're complicated, we're always changing, we have millions of things going on in our lives, and changing jobs is always a big decision.

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