About Me


My Name is Bangkit Ade Saputra

At the end of the day, my job involves people. we're complicated, we're always changing, we have millions of things going on in our lives, and changing jobs is always a big decision. i'm working to build lithic with some really amazing people, and i want to make sure it's right for you too.

there's real person behind this profile, too! in my free time might find me: badminton, eat chocolate, listen to songs, reading about news, stories, science, or playing video games with friends.

I made the journey to Jakarta five years ago after spending a majority of my life in Cilacap, and what a ride it has been.


Welcome to my blog! Here, I aim to share my personal experiences and insights gained while working as a systems engineer. In addition to serving as a personal record of my journey, this blog also serves as a convenient reminder and resource that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. 

My hope is that the information shared here may prove useful not only to me but also to fellow professionals in the field. So, join me as I embark on this adventure of documenting and sharing my experiences as a systems engineer.

Oct 2020 - Kitsake Launch.

Oct 2020 – First post.

Nov 2020 - New Template.

Jan 2022 - Adsense Accepted.

Next Coming Soon.

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