Kaspersky VS Norton: Which One Suits You Best?

Kaspersky VS Norton: Which One Suits You Best?
Kaspersky VS Norton: Which One Suits You Best?

Kaspersky VS Norton: Which One Suits You Best? - When you consider protecting your devices from malware and threats, Norton Antivirus and Kaspersky Antivirus are among the popular ones. However, you may find difficulty in determining which Kaspersky vs Norton to pick.

Check out the following info and comparison to help you decide which antivirus will work well for you.

A Brief on Kaspersky VS Norton Antiviruses

Kaspersky was made by Eugene Kaspersky in 1989 in his effort to fight the Cascade virus, His passion for online security has brought the antivirus software to become one of the most renowned antiviruses in the globe. 

Users need a Kaspersky Internet security download to help them update their current product version for the best protection. 

Norton Antivirus launched its first Norton Antivirus 1.0 in 1991 by Symantec and keeps on growing and enhancing its technology. Avira and Avast acquisitions have made Norton one of the most powerful antivirus in the world. Currently, it protects more than 50 million users worldwide    

When you compare Kaspersky vs Norton antivirus you may find out that Norton provides an extensive range of plans to match your budget. On the other hand, Kaspersky has distinctive parental control tools that will help you protect and monitor your kids online. The following info and comparison will help you decide which antivirus suits you best.

Aspects to Consider on Kaspersky and Norton Antiviruses

Since both Kaspersky and Norton offer equal comprehensive security features, you need to learn more about some aspects to decide the best option. By learning those aspects, you will immediately know which antivirus that will work well with your devices. 

Check out the following crucial things to consider such as price, features, protection, and more:

1. Norton vs Kaspersky Pricing

Both Kaspersky and Norton provide users with different plans to choose from. You can have Norton’s standard protection from as low as $29.99/year, while Kaspersky’s price starts from $38.49 annually. However, you need to dive into the included plan of each package to help you choose one that matches your requirements and needs.

2. Norton vs Kaspersky Features

Is Norton as good as Kaspersky? The two antiviruses offer similar features such as real-time protection, manual and scheduled scams, firewall, phishing protection, dark web monitoring, and more. However, Kaspersky offers more robust parental controls and ad blockers for every operating system.

3. Norton vs Kaspersky Protection

While Kaspersky offers better protection against malware, Norton did well in its performance aspects. However, Norton offers comprehensive security against identity theft which you may want to consider. Besides, Norton provides an easier-to-use support center to help users get immediate help and assistance.

4. Norton vs Kaspersky Mobile Apps

Both antiviruses have apps for iOS and Android devices, but to some extent, it offers different features. Norton’s Web Protection will protect your device from malicious websites by preventing uploading them. 

On the other hand, Kaspersky has three separate apps such as Kaspersky Internet Security, Password Manager, and Security Cloud for your mobile device protection.  


Both Norton and Kaspersky provide equal protection but offer different plans and aspects. Consider the price, and plan offered by both software, their features, protection, and mobile app compatibility for your best judgment.

Hopefully, those aspects can help you decide which Kaspersky vs Norton antivirus suits you best.

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