Can I Still Use Kaspersky Total Security?

Can I Still Use Kaspersky Total Security?
Can I Still Use Kaspersky Total Security?

Can I Still Use Kaspersky Total Security? - An updated version and features are essential to attract more users to internet security. Then how about Kaspersky? How do they handle the dynamic changes? Before, they had a product known as Kaspersky Total Security, but it has been replaced.

Don’t worry! You can still use the new Kaspersky Internet security plans: Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Plus, and Kaspersky Premium. Here, we will give you a review of Kaspersky's new plans! So, let’s jump on the main topic and check it out.

Total Security From Kaspersky

Don’t be disappointed if the Kaspersky Total Security is no longer available because it has evolved to something even better for your internet protection. This new plan will give you a real sense of internet protection and digital privacy. 

This new Kaspersky for total security is better than you ever imagined. Even though there has been a change, Kaspersky’s product is still loved by over 400 million users even more! You could get the new one in a range of devices. Let’s learn more about it!

1. Kaspersky Standard  Version 

As has been said before, the new Kaspersky for total security will have the same functionalities but with a range of additional features. Kaspersky has provided users with more updated features, such as advanced threat detection and secure online banking.

But remember that the features you will get are based on your chosen subscription. Kaspersky's standard version, the Plus version, and the premium version have unique features and functionality. Below are the specialties for standard : 

  1. For security, Kaspersky will provide you with safe browsing, real-time antivirus, and anti phishing
  2. For performance, this standard version will offer you performance optimization, device space cleanup, and game mode or do-not-disturb mode 
  3. For the privacy features, the standard provides fewer than plus and premium. It only offers stakerware detection and webcam and mic protection 

2. Kaspersky Plus Version 

In exchange for an updated version of Kaspersky Total Security, Kaspersky has created an improved version called the Kaspersky Plus. It's the new Kaspersky for total security! It has more advantages in some aspects than the standard one. 

Kaspersky offers everything from security to performance to privacy for this plus version. This version does not provide identity and premium services, as it is a privilege for those who subscribe to the premium version.  

  1. It has the same features with the security and performance as the standard version 
  2. What makes this Plus version different is the features for privacy, especially in unlimited VPN, data leak checker, and the premium password manager 
  3. The newest feature in this version is the data leak checker. It's a feature that could check if your personal information is included in the latest data leaks

3. Kaspersky Premium Version 

The last one is the premium version. You don’t have to put doubt on this one since the review for Kaspersky’s new plans on this is excellent! You might want to subscribe to this version for your Kaspersky internet security.

Premium is the best updated Kaspersky Total security since the features in this version provide a lot of exciting functionality that could benefit the users. You could check it by yourself through the explanation down below, 

  1. It provides the same features as the standard and one in the security, performance, and privacy section.
  2. However, it has more benefits since it has other updated identity and premium services features, including an identity protection wallet, premium IT assistance, remote expert installation, a priority support line, and an expert PC health check. 
  3. With this version, you can store sensitive documents and get total security from Kaspersky.

Now, you want to install the newest version of Kaspersky Total Security! The fantastic updated features and functionalities make Kaspersky Internet security even better and safer. So what are you waiting for? Let’s install it.

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