What You Should Know About Kaspersky Business Pricing

What You Should Know About Kaspersky Business Pricing
What You Should Know About Kaspersky Business Pricing

What You Should Know About Kaspersky Business Pricing - If you want the best internet security provider, you should be willing to spend money on it. Therefore, to use Kaspersky, you should know Kaspersky business pricing before using their antivirus and cybersecurity.

Knowing the Kaspersky endpoint security license price is essential for you, especially for IT administrators. You need to know the exact amount how much Kaspersky costs per year. You will also be required to know about the license and subscription. Let’s check it out! 

About Kaspersky Business Pricing   

Knowing Kaspersky's total security for business price in an organization or company is crucial since they have to make the budget planning and cybersecurity measures. That’s why, through this article, we will discuss that matter. 

You might know that Kaspersky has an accessible version of the product. You could download the Kaspersky free application, but if you want more than that, you should consider getting a paid license and subscription. See the information down below if you’re curious!

1. Kaspersky License Key Price 

A license is crucial in cybersecurity. It is essential for its legal compliance. You could get more privileges by having a permit. For example, you can get access to updates and upgrades. That’s why you need to know Kaspersky business pricing.

If you want continuous protection for your device, you should subscribe to Kaspersky. The official website has already explained it, but we will explain it again, especially the Kaspersky total security for business price. 

  1. The first step in purchasing a license is going to an online store. You can visit the official website, My Kaspersky, at an online store or Google Play Market. Don’t forget to make an account for it first 
  2. On the online store, you can see how much Kaspersky costs per year in variations of offers. Choose one that suits your budget plan well
  3. Kaspersky Standard plan consists of Rp 198.000 per year with twelve internet security features that you could get 
  4. Kaspersky Plus plan consists of Rp 247.599 per year with seventeen internet security features that you could gain as your benefit 
  5. Kaspersky Premium plan price consists of Rp 371.700 per year with twenty-three internet security features for a complete package of internet security 
  6. The Kaspersky license key price also includes the introductory offer. The price range is based on how many devices you use for internet security. The price starts from Rp 198.000, which will renew automatically at Rp 253.000 per year 
  7. The most expensive introductory offer is Rp 443.700. If you buy it and want to cancel it suddenly, it does not matter. You could cancel your subscription at any time 

2. Kaspersky Endpoint Security License Price  

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is the protection made for Windows that offers comprehensive computer protection from dangerous network threats. It is included with many advanced threat detection technologies. 

Once again, the Kaspersky Endpoint Security License price is based on the number of devices you will use for internet security protection. It starts from 15 devices for $60.00 each to 5000 devices for $24.10 each.

You no longer have to wonder about Kaspersky business pricing and the Kaspersky endpoint security license price. Throughout the article, you have learned about Kaspersky total security for business price. Wish you the best of luck when purchasing it!

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