RH104: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Training for Beginner

RH104: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Training for Beginner
RH104: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Training for Beginner

RH104: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Training for Beginner - Are you a newbie and want to learn about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 while having limited or no knowledge of Linux? No need to worry because Red Hat Inc. offers free Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 training for beginners. Let’s look at the course that will help you learn the basic introduction to Linux in the following.

RH104 Free Course for Beginners

The good news about this Red Hat Linux course is that there are no prerequisites before joining the course. However, a little knowledge of basic system administration concepts will be beneficial. Thus, you still need more courses and knowledge to be able to disable Firewalld Rhel 9. 

The course takes approximately ten hours to complete, with 12 modules to learn. The goal is to help you perform all the fundamental operational tasks fluently both onsite and on a remote system. In this case, you already had a solid introduction to performing the Linux command line on a RHEL 9. 

How long does it take to learn Red Hat Linux? Normally, a beginner will need 3 to 6 months to learn the Red Hat certification course. However, with determination, you can get a certification from the Red Hat Linux course within a few months. The live training can be done within only one month.

What You Will Learn on the RH104 Course?

Do you want to know about the subjects you are going to learn in this Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 training for beginners? Here is a glimpse at some of the RH104 course outlines: 

1. Introduction to Linux

You will learn the definition and purpose of Linux as well as get to know Linux distribution in this Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 training for beginners.

2. Ho to Access to A Linux System

The subjects in this outline are to help you enquire about the terminal environment and as well as interacting with the GNOME desktop.

3. Do A Linux Files Management

This Red hat learning subscription fundamentals enable you to use command-line and graphical tools to help you categorize binary files. You will also be able to make and alter text files with such tools.

4. File System Overview

Get the skills and knowledge on how to administer and view file organization in the Linux system on this course material.

5. Permissions on Users and Files

The next subject to learn on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 training for beginners is to equate file permissions as well as interact with user accounts.

6. Resources on Linux Systems and Networking

You will be able to describe essential networking concepts as well as verify settings and monitor system resources.

Next Courses Recommendations

Once you have finished the RH1004 course you will achieve proficiency in using Linux, including performing the command line and a graphical desktop. However, you need to move forward to learn more about RHEL 9 next courses for a more productive role and task performance. Here are several recommendations on the courses you should take after finishing the RH104 one:

  • Red hat System Administration (RH124)
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Rapid Track (RH199)
  • Red Hat OpenShift I: Containers & Kubernetes (D0180)
  • Red Hat OpenShift Development I: Introduction to Containers with Podman (D0188)

Getting a certification from a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is easily attainable especially since the company offers some free courses. The best advantage of such an offer is to equip you with proficiently performing Linux. Take the necessary Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 training and be a Red Hat Linux expert. Good luck!

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