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Mount Synology NFS on Linux Folder Naming Using Spaces

Hi friends, this time I will share about how to mount on linux. It's a bit different from my previous experience, which was only mounting disks in a cd-rom and mounting files in .iso format.

mount --help
mount --help


Or you forgot I will repeat below for mounting cd-rom or .iso :

Mounting Disk
# mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /media/
Mounting .iso
# mount -o loop CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-2207-02.iso /var/www/html/repos/centos/7

So above, that's a mounting method that might be useful for you to apply.


I also had difficulty mounting on Synology NAS, so that you don't look around for more on other websites, I'll share the method below.

For my case now, when I want to mount a file in Synologi NAS, the folder has a space and uses a user and password.


The trick is:
Mounting Synology NAS
# mount -t cifs "// For New Device/" /var/www/html/repos/Setup\ For\ New\ Device/ -o user=kitsake
# Password for kitsake@// For New Device/: Input Password
Mounting Synology NAS
Mounting Synology NAS
Mounting results can be seen with the command df -h
Mounting results can be seen with the command df -h

Added "" to the source path which is named in the NAS using spaces. And also use \ for destination on linux with a space character. Added user= to add a user on the NAS and enter the password according to that user.

Hope it is useful & Thank You.
Bangkit Ade Saputra
Bangkit Ade Saputra Hard-working professional with experience and a proven knowledge of operating system, server architecture and system configuration.

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