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Examples Robocopy Command to Copy All Files and Subfolders


Hi everyone, ok this time I will share with you about my experience about using the robocopy command. Robocopy is a service that functions to transfer files, either copy or move, and so on. Well, here I will give an example of what I have done to copy all files and subdirectory in it

Source and Destination
Source and Destination

On this case i will copy from Local Disk (D:) to my tape library with partisi on (E:) with name LTFS Volume.


In this case we will copy all the files and subdirectories, so the command that must be applied is as below


Robocopy Source Destination /E

Because here I use PowerShell ISE (X86) I made a simple bash which later can also be applied to the task scheduller :

$SourcePath = 'D:\'
$DestinaionPath = 'E:\FromDisk[J]'

Robocopy $SourcePath $DestinaionPath /E

Robocopy : Command

Copy From : 'D:\'

Destination Copy to : 'E:

With Name of Folder in E : FromDisk[J]'

/E : Copy subfolders including empty subfolders


bash copy in powershell with robocopy
bash copy in powershell with robocopy
Bangkit Ade Saputra
Bangkit Ade Saputra Hard-working professional with experience and a proven knowledge of operating system, server architecture and system configuration.

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