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How to Install Duplicity on RHEL 7 Easily and Quickly


Installing Duplicity

For the Duplicity can run, you must Install depedencis

# yum install gcc librsync-devel python-devel python-lockfile wget
Install Duplicity on RHEL 7
Install Duplicity on RHEL 7

Installing Duplicity

# yum install duplicity -y


Generate Key 

This feature 
# gpg --gen-key
# gpg --list-keys


Encrypt all file in folder

# PASSPHRASE=[passphrase] duplicity --encrypt-key [encrypt key] [Source] [Destination]
# PASSPHRASE=123456 duplicity --encrypt-key [your-encrypt key] /home/kitsake/Source file:///home/kitsake/Destination

Decrypt file your choice

# PASSPHRASE=[passphrase] duplicity --file-to-restore [filename] [SourceEncrypt] [DestinationDecript]
# PASSPHRASE=123456 duplicity --file-to-restore kitsake file:///home/kitsake/Destination /home/kitsake/Restore

Decrypt all file

# PASSPHRASE=[passphrase] duplicity --file-to-restore [foldername] [SourceEncrypt] [DestinationDecript]
# PASSPHRASE=123456 duplicity --file-to-restore script file:///home/kitsake/Destination /home/kitsake/Restore/script
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