Importance of Selinux On Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version

Importance of Selinux On Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version
Importance of Selinux On Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version

Importance of Selinux On Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version - More than 500 companies are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux version known as RHEL as their platform for business. RHEL put more focus on the server market’s enterprise. What makes the RHEL version different from Red Hat Linux is that RHEL is a commercial product.

That means you have to pay with a subscription model. But is it worth it? The answer is yes! RHEL has selinux to enhance the system security of RHEL. We will explain everything that you need to know about how to enable SELinux rhel 9 as it is important for RHEL itself.    

Selinux on RHEL Version

The first thing that you should know about RHEL is that it is one of the red hat Linux versions besides Fedora and CentOS. The purpose of Red Hat developing this version is to create stability and security with long-term support. 

To make a better secure system you need to configure selinux rhel 9. It consists of various security policies that could give support to your RHEL system. Now you might notice how important it is to enable SELinux. Check the explanation down below for more!  

1. Why selinux is important?

Selinux or security-enhanced Linux can provide the system with layers of security. The policies control users' actions mainly how they interact with files and resources. To enable it, you need to learn and understand the basic things about SELinux.  

Here we will explain to you why SELinux is important for the RHEL system. You already grasp how SELinux roles mainly play for better security. But what exactly makes selinux important? Here’s the list of importance of SELinux :    

  1. It could give the system protection from malicious activities 
  2. Support alignment with the security standards through the security framework 
  3. It has the ability to enhance the security posture through configuring selinux policies 
  4. Reduce attacks from unauthorized entities and able to limit the potential damage 
  5. Provides you with detailed control access regarding the permissions for data or resources 

2. How to enable SELinux rhel 9

After you understand the SELinux policies you could move on to the next step to enable it for your red hat enterprise Linux version. Not just enabling it you could even change the SELinux states and modes. 

  1. Before you enhance the system security of RHEL by enabling selinux, try to check the selinux status first. Just execute this command “sestatus” 
  2. Next step, you could start to edit the SELinux configuration file that is located at “/etc/selinux/config”. Try to look for the line “Selinux=” and then set it to “enforcing” so that you can enable it 
  3. After you finished configuring selinux rhel 9, don’t forget to reboot the system by following this command “sudo reboot”
  4. Check up on the status again by following the command on the first step “sestatus”

That’s all about how SELinux could enhance the system security of RHEL! For the last step, don’t forget to adjust the SELinux policies for better security of the red hat enterprise Linux version system. Good luck with trying it!

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