Beyond Antivirus: A Complete Kaspersky Review and Its Stand Against Competitors in 2024

Beyond Antivirus: A Complete Kaspersky Review and Its Stand Against Competitors in 2024
Beyond Antivirus: A Complete Kaspersky Review and Its Stand Against Competitors in 2024

Beyond Antivirus: A Complete Kaspersky Review and Its Stand Against Competitors in 2024 - Kaspersky has cemented its reputation as a leading figure in the antivirus industry, which we'll learn more about through this Kaspersky review. In addition to its robust security measures, it comes with innovative features tailored to the Kaspersky user experience.

Its popularity isn't just a testament to its effectiveness in thwarting cyber threats; it also reflects its adaptability to diverse user needs. So, whether you're a solo internet explorer or a guardian of corporate data, Kaspersky's suite promises a seamless and secure online journey.

Kaspersky Pros and Cons

Our Kaspersky review concludes a near-perfect score for this antivirus, 8.6/10. It provides almost flawless results – including the perfect detection rate – in all independent testing labs and comes with a robust ace in ransomware protection. Here's a list of the pros and cons of Kaspersky.


  • Strong protection against various malware.
  • Features real-time protection for instant threat blocking.
  • Includes privacy protection and secure financial transaction tools.
  • Offers comprehensive parental controls and file protection in premium packages.
  • Provides a password manager and VPN for added security.


  • The Full System Scan can slow down the computer.
  • Premium features require upgrading from the basic plan.
  • Controversy over data collection practices and alleged ties to the Russian government.

Currently, no concrete evidence suggests that Kaspersky (based in Russia) presents any risk to its users. While our Kaspersky review found nothing about that, you can opt for alternatives like Norton and Bitdefender. Both names offer comparable security solutions.

A Glance at Kaspersky Antivirus Software Comprehensive Review

In an era where digital threats are becoming more sophisticated, Kaspersky review stands out as an antivirus and a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. Here's a detailed review and analysis of Kaspersky security features.

1. Kaspersky's Approach to Phishing and Online Scams

According to our Kaspersky review, it excels in protecting you from dangerous websites with its top-notch anti-phishing protection. Features like the on-screen keyboard and Safe Money shield you from keylogging threats.

2. VPN for Enhanced Privacy

The included Kaspersky VPN is robust. While its split-tunneling feature is limited to Windows 10 and later versions, this is generally not a concern for most users.

3. User-Friendly Interface

Another thumb-up is for the Kaspersky user interface. It features both an intuitive design and straightforward navigation. It's no wonder that even beginners find this antivirus the most accessible among other names from the same class.

4. Kaspersky Installation and Setup

Setting up Kaspersky is a breeze, taking just around 5 minutes. The process involves a simple installation wizard and minimal customization, allowing you to enjoy the protection it offers quickly.

5. Kaspersky Pricing and Plans

Kaspersky offers three main packages: Standard, Plus, and Premium, catering to various devices—up to 10 in the US for the Premium plan and up to 20 in certain other countries.

There's also Kaspersky Free for basic protection. All paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to evaluate their service.

Kaspersky Antivirus Analysis: A Comprehensive Shield Against Zero-Day Threats

Independent testing underscores Kaspersky Internet Security's prowess, showcasing 100% effectiveness in neutralizing zero-day threats. Its cutting-edge detection capabilities are pivotal in safeguarding users against emerging dangers.

To bolster the zero-day threats protections, Kaspersky advocates for:

  • Regularly updating software and operating systems to patch vulnerabilities.
  • Minimizing risk exposure by limiting the use of non-essential applications.
  • Employing firewalls and educating users on cybersecurity best practices.
  • Utilizing comprehensive security solutions like Kaspersky Total Security and sandbox technology for deeper threat analysis.

Kaspersky's dedication to mitigating zero-day threats exemplifies its commitment to top-tier cyber defense. Additionally, it utilizes the Exploit Prevention technology and strategic security measures to bring the vision to life.

Kaspersky Internet Security Performance Evaluation – An Overview

This section of our Kaspersky review highlights the effectiveness of the antivirus software.

1. How Does Kaspersky Antivirus Stand Against Malware and Viruses?

Its engine has a dual-threat detection approach, combining a comprehensive virus database with cloud-based machine learning.

We also ran a test to check the detection rate, which yielded a flawless result. Kaspersky can identify 100% malware samples. Compared to Norton and Bitdefender, this one is on par!

Scanning Options for Better Security Protections

Additionally, Kaspersky software performance provides six distinct scanning options for various security needs, such as:

  • Quick Scan: Focuses on critical startup and system memory files.
  • Background Scan: Operates during idle times, checking startup objects and system memory.
  • Full Scan: Thoroughly checks every corner of the system.
  • Selective/Instant Scan: Targets specific files or folders upon user selection.
  • Removable Drive Scan: Examines external drives for threats.
  • Application Vulnerability Scan: Searches for system weaknesses.

Updates and new features in the latest Kaspersky version also allow flexible scan scheduling. By that, the system ensures timely malware checks.

The Quick Scan, on the other hand, is notably swift. It caught about 50% of hidden malware during the test. While we use it for a deeper inspection, the Kaspersky Full Scan feature delves into the entire system. The result? It revealed 100% of the malware without slowing down the computer. This is such a stark contrast to some competitors.

Quarantine and Restoration

How Kaspersky handles malicious website blocks? It detected malware and offers an option to restore falsely identified files. In addition to blocking all attempted malware downloads, this feature stops ransomware right before any damage can be done.

Application Vulnerability Scanner

This antivirus comes with the Application Vulnerability Scan feature. It's supposed to identify system vulnerabilities, after all. However, our Kaspersky review indicates some less effective ways of detecting all potential risks, unlike its app updater, which successfully identifies and updates outdated software.

2. Web Protection Feature

These feature layers shield users from malicious sites through Safe Browsing mode, heuristic URL analysis, and phishing site detection. Despite stiff competition, its performance is commendable, with a nearly flawless record blocking harmful websites.

Our Kaspersky review also found that features like private Browsing guard against trackers, albeit with initial permissions favoring data collection by Kaspersky and affiliates. Adjusting these settings can further protect user privacy.

On the other hand, the Safe Money feature allows extra security layers along with the Kaspersky on-screen keyboard for secure transactions. According to the Kaspersky review, these features are great for online financial transactions, despite some loading delays compared to competitors.

3. Firewall Protection

The Kaspersky review on firewall excels in warding off unauthorized access and exploit attacks. It also comes with a user-friendly interface that allows detailed application monitoring and rule customization. Although it may not be as intuitive as some rivals', its effectiveness is on par with the best.

4. System Cleanup Tools

The presence of this feature offers valuable assistance in maintaining system health. On the other hand, the efficiency of your computer remains stable. While some features could benefit from integration or enhancement, they provide a solid foundation for system optimization.

5. Kaspersky VPN Review: Enhanced Privacy and Streaming

Kaspersky review on the Plus and Premium plans found that they have a VPN. It has unlimited data and a kill switch if you deal with interrupted connections.

With servers in over 70 countries and smart protection that activates in public networks, Kaspersky offers both security and convenience. Split-tunneling further customizes your VPN usage, allowing specific apps to bypass the VPN.

One of Kaspersky's standout features is its compatibility with streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Our tests confirmed smooth streaming in HD.

6. Kaspersky Review on Password Manager

Kaspersky's password manager marries basic functionality. While it shines in security, its simplicity may only satisfy some users, especially compared to Norton's unlimited password storage offering.

Storage Options: Free vs. Premium

Users on Kaspersky's Standard plan face a limitation of storing only five passwords, a stark contrast to the unlimited storage provided by Norton's free version. However, Kaspersky's Plus and Premium subscribers enjoy unrestricted password storage, offering a more flexible solution for those willing to upgrade.

User-Friendly Setup and Operation

Setting up Kaspersky's password manager is straightforward, requiring just creating a master password. However, the absence of account recovery options could be a point of contention for some, highlighting an area where competitors like Dashlane and LastPass have an edge.

Efficient Auto-Save and Auto-Fill

The browser extension facilitates seamless auto-saving and filling of credentials, although enabling this feature for mobile devices requires an extra step. The functionality performs flawlessly, ensuring a smooth user experience across supported browsers.

Navigating the Password Vault

Kaspersky's vault is intuitively designed, making it easy to manage passwords, bank cards, and personal notes. Though it lacks advanced features like generating 'easy to say' passwords, its password generator and history feature are commendable for creating and tracking strong, unique passwords.

Integrated Two-Factor Authentication

The inclusion of a built-in authenticator for 2FA directly within the password manager is a standout feature. It eliminates the need for external apps while streamlining the authentication process.

7. Home Network Security – Kaspersky Review

One of the essential tools from Kaspersky is the Smart Home Monitor, which allows users to identify and manage devices on the Wi-Di network. While it excels in device recognition, it stops short of providing advanced vulnerability scans or customized security profiles for different networks—a feature available with competitors like ESET and Bitdefender.

On the other hand, the strength lies in its ability to give you a clear view of your connected devices. However, the lack of deeper vulnerability assessments and customizable network settings suggests room for improvement in future updates.

8. Kaspersky Review on Navigating the Dark Web

Kaspersky's Data Leak Checker serves as a watchdog for your personal information on the dark web, alerting you to potential breaches involving your email. While it identifies multiple incidents, comparisons with services like Have I Been Pwned reveal a gap in the depth of its search capabilities. Its competitors might offer a more thorough scan.

Email addresses are the main focus of this tool – it can monitor up to 50 addresses on higher-tier plans. However, Norton's dark web monitor lacks the more granular alert system, which tracks a wider range of personal identifiers.

9. Kaspersky Parental Control Review

The parental control requires you to download it first. The app, however, comes with an intuitive setup process complemented by a tutorial and insightful guidance on discussing digital safety with your children. The key features include:

  • Robust Content Filters: Effectively blocks access to inappropriate sites and apps, with customizable exclusions and Safe Search enhancements for worry-free browsing and YouTube viewing.
  • Smart Screen Time Management: Enforces usage limits and provides detailed reports, helping parents balance their children's digital lives with real-world activities.
  • Location Safety: Offers location tracking and geofencing on mobile devices, ensuring parents can stay informed of their children's whereabouts.

According to the Kaspersky review, the Safe Kids from Kaspersky provides powerful tools to protect their children online. Besides, it’s packaged in an accessible and easy-to-use application.

Kaspersky's Suite of Security: Plans and Pricing Explained

Kaspersky's cybersecurity offerings are tailored to fit a variety of needs. Here's a closer look at what each plan offers, ensuring you find the right level of security for your digital life. Here’s a glance at Kaspersky Free vs. Paid Comparison

  • Kaspersky Free: A no-cost option for Windows users, providing essential tools like malware detection options and email & web protection.
  • Kaspersky Standard: A step up, this plan extends protection to a broader range of devices, including system cleanup tools and basic web safeguards.
  • Kaspersky Plus: This plan adds privacy enhancements like a password manager and VPN to the mix for those seeking more.
  • Kaspersky Premium: The ultimate package, offering advanced features like parental controls, identity protection, and premium support.

Each tier reflects Kaspersky's commitment to adaptable security solutions, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind. It also means that this antivirus understands the needs of various users - even though you're not a committed person at first sight.

Finding the Right Fit with Kaspersky – A Final Thought

This Kaspersky review finds that this antivirus emerges as a beacon for those seeking a blend of robust protection, user-friendly features, and versatility across devices. Its lineup, from the free basic protection to the feature-rich Premium plan, ensures security solutions tailored for every type of user.

Compared to its competitors, Kaspersky strikes a commendable balance between affordability, feature set, and ease of use. For more insights, explore our detailed Kaspersky review, where we delve into how this antivirus stands against the competition!

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