Encode the php file with php version 8 using sourceguardian

Encode the php file with php version 8 using sourceguardian
Encode the php file with php version 8 using sourceguardian

Encode the php file with php version 8 using sourceguardian - Hi everyone, on this occasion I will share how to endcode .php files using sourceguardian. Do you know what encoding is? Yes, encrypt a file so that it is difficult for humans to read, our code is safer even though it has been taken by unauthorized parties.

Before we encode the file, of course, we need sourceguardian itself, you can download it on the website directly, visit the website at sourceguardian.com.

Well, the software is paid, you can buy it if you have tried and are interested, here I also use the trial version.

You can register with your personal data, then you will be sent an email from sourceguardian containing the user login, after logging in you will be presented with some sourceguardian software that is compatible with several OS. Since I use linux I downloaded sourceguardian for Linux OS.


In the context of SourceGuardian, creating a local yum repository becomes a pivotal aspect of optimizing software distribution.

By establishing a local repository, users can streamline the installation and updating of SourceGuardian, enhancing efficiency and minimizing reliance on external servers for seamless integration within their systems.

Download Sourceguardian

Visit sourceguardian Site : You must Login and then Click Download

Download Sourceguardian
Download Sourceguardian

Upload to Server

Upload the downloaded sourceguardian installer to the server.


Extract Sourceguardian, Once uploaded, you can extract the file.

$ tar -xzvf SourceGuardian-12.1-Evaluation-Linux-x86_64-CLI.tar.gz
$ cd /home/kitsake/sourceguardian-evaluation/bin/


Because we are using a trial, you have to read the FAQ from sourceguardian and input your email and sourceguardian account password, then you can use sourceguardian.

FAQ from sourceguardian
FAQ from sourceguardian


For use, it's quite easy, all you have to do is hit the sourceguardian service and the files will be encrypted.
$ ./sourceguardian /home/kitsake/sourcecode/source/phpinfo.php
simple use of sourceguardian
simple use of sourceguardian

Because it's impossible for us to have an application that only has 1 file, 2 files or several that can be counted on the fingers, there must be a file with the .php extension that will be encrypted. Here I have made the sourceguardian command and the desired options. So 1 folder and its contents containing the .php file will be encrypted.

$ ./sourceguardian --phpversion 8.0 --strict-errors --keep-file-date -b- -r -f "*.php" "/home/kitsake/kitsake/sourcecode/source/" -o "/home/kitsake/destination/"
Custom Usage
Custom Usage

Now for the options you can see for yourself by:

$ ./sourceguardian --help

Yes, that's it for those of you who don't know how to encrypt or are interested in this sourceguardian software, by looking at this article, hopefully you will get enlightenment.

That is all and thank you.

Bangkit Ade Saputra
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