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How to Create SVN User Tortoise for SVN Repository in Linux

This time I will share my experience of creating SVN users, it's actually quite easy, but if you don't know how and the rules can be confusing too, like what I experienced haha.


Before we do the execution, make sure that the configuration of our SVN is actually the direction.

Usually I use the quick way by looking for the file name of the configuration and usually the file name is svn-access-controls.

Then we type the command:

# locate svn-access-controls
locate svn-access-control
locate svn-access-control

After finding the location I just created a user.


To create an SVN user can be seen below:

# htpasswd -c password kitsake
# htpasswd -m password kitsake
Description :
-c  Create a new file.
-m  Force MD5 encryption of the password.
create user svn
create user svn

Now, after you run the command above, you will create a file with the name of the password, you can copy the contents of the password file first, put it in notepad or other software.

Then you enter the directory of svn-access-controls above, and try to see the files in the same directory as svn-access-controls, look for the file with the name passwords.

# cd /home/../public_html/

Put the contents of the password file that we created into the passwords file in the same directory as svn-access-controls.

# vi passwords

save & exit

user svn existing
user svn existing

The reason why I make it in the outside directory for the user and password is because to minimize the occurrence of overwrites in files that are already running in SVN.

And finally, enter the user privileges that we created earlier where he will access.

# vi svn-access-controls


kitsake = rwx

save & exit

grants svn access to the user
grants svn access to the user

And you can try using the Tortoise SVN software installed on your Windows.

Bangkit Ade Saputra
Bangkit Ade Saputra At the end of the day, my job involves people. we're complicated, we're always changing, we have millions of things going on in our lives, and changing jobs is always a big decision.

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